About This Website

This website was created to help people prepare for success in the first two levels of technical training during their apprenticeship.

It focuses on Essential Skills, which are the foundation skills like reading, math and document use. Each trade requires Essential Skills, but to different degrees. For example, both carpenters and bakers use math, but carpenters need trigonometry and bakers do not. Click here for more information about why Essential Skills matter in the trades.

The assessment can be challenging. So are the trades. This assessment will give you a realistic look at the skills you need for the job. It even uses examples and forms that you would find at work.

There is a different assessment for each trade and it automatically adjusts to your skill level. If you are getting the correct answers, the assessment will automatically give you more challenging questions. The opposite is also true. If you are answering incorrectly, you will get easier questions.

All of the questions are reviewed by a psychometrican - a specialist in the science of testing.